Philosophies are thrown out there left and right to try to convey to you what the company stands for. We don’t call this our philosophy because it’s far beyond that in our opinion. We call this our core pillars the very reason we exist.
There are four key concepts we


Our unique business model is what that makes us different in every sense….

Unlike other software or IT companies & outsourcing providers, the iMocha Consulting business philosophy is established around several key principals in all of our projects and engagements:

We achieve to understand the key issues and processes behind your needs and requirements before we design any solution.
We aim to provide solutions that utilize the best mix of technology and fulfillment services catered to the need of the client to fully achieve desired needs.
We aspire to implement solutions that are of the highest quality as well as of increased capability to scale, change and grow with your business. This includes catering for inherent workflow changes with minimal impact and still increases efficiency significantly while automating processes and maximizing investments with minimal effort
We develop our solutions to provide inherent value in terms of increasing revenue opportunities, significant cost savings or through other value proposition.
To offer upfront value in flexible implementation strategies and pricing models. Our goal is to grow with our clients and partners as well as to understand the needs of their business. This can be achieved through pay-per-use or revenue share models that requires minimal upfront investments that guarantees our commitment as a valued partner to your business and your customers

Contact us today if you have a unique business idea and would like to explore how to conceptualize a feasible technical design and business model.

Our Philosophy

No business—regardless of its size—will be successful unless it has two critical items. First, a sound business strategy. Second, it must have the right people to make its dream a reality.

With these concepts in mind, I created Human Capital Consulting Partners whose passion is helping our clients achieve or exceed their business strategy. We focus on the goals of our clients, ensuring they have the right people at the right time with the right skills and competencies to achieve their strategies.

Unlike other human resources consulting firms, Human Capital Consulting Partners prides itself in working with our clients in a very collaborative way to develop client-specific, practical, broad-based, and proven human capital solutions. We are straight-shooters. We take our jobs very seriously. We don’t waste your time or your resources, and we quickly focus on developing strategies that lead to long-term growth.

Our consultants have had a long track record of developing long-term, successful people strategies and programs both as hands-on executives and consultants.

At Human Capital Consulting Partners, everything we do is built on a solid foundation of delivering value to our clients. We approach each engagement solely with our clients’ best interests in mind. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach: we partner with our clients to develop the people strategies that work for them. And above all else, we assist our clients in achieving their business strategy and driving shareholder value.

You have my personal commitment for a job well done!

Jim Geier,

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