Perceptual Positioning Engineer

Stephan Stavrakis Chief Positioning Strategist

Stephan Stavrakis Position: CEO of Perceptual Positioned Marketing; Perception Engineer

First and foremost, Stephan is a devoted husband and father of two and devotes his life’s work to his family. After working for a local insurance company and being part of team that reconstructed a business model that allowed that company to save 5million in annual revenues, Stephan decided it was time to go on his own.

His first company was called 3D Thinking Inc. It was a soft-skills training company that he built from scratch with no credibility, no connections, and no list. Within 9 months 3D Thinking Inc. was Vancouver’s fastest growing and most profitable privately-owned soft-skills training organization.

Due to it’s rapid growth Stephan was approached by many other trainers, speakers, authors and consultants to help them build their companies in similar fashion. As he assisted in building those companies, he was also approached by many brick & mortar companies to assist in business model re-positioning and began to assist more conventional business models such as restaurants, spa’s, salons, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers the list goes on and on.














Perceptual Positioning:

By focusing on quality, the value to the consumer increases, thereby allowing the price for the product/service to increase. This drives higher profit margins. This allows the owner to make more money with less effort. Based on this focus, businesses that make themselves unique become “The Only” business that offers what they offer.

History shows us if a business becomes “The Only” that business creates an unprecedented opportunity to increase profits by focusing on nothing but value and quality for their market. By being “The Only”, businesses can increase profit margins, lower costs, increase quality and ultimately increase the level of trust and respect by the customer. This, in turn, creates a “LOYAL” customer for the life of that business. Although there are many methods to position your business to be “The First” in a market. We believe that it’s no longer good enough to be the first. The new solution is to become “The Only”


Categorical Positioning:

Oh to be able to work less and charge more, if this isn’t the battle cry of your business it should be! Because of commodization and competition in business, more and more businesses are running into big problems when they try to differentiate themselves. The Categorical perceptual position is when you create a sub-category in the target market that is so unique and innovative, it’s impossible for your market to compare you with someone else. This allows you to own the market not only as the leader, but also as the be the obvious choice for your market.

This perceptual position is your niche and Stephan describes in the video how a successful company creates a niche that no-one has ever thought of… The goal of this video is to talk about how to become the first by creating a categorical position so you can imprint your business in the TOP OF MIND of the consumer.



Regardless if I’m in within an Eb or a Flow I strive to always live by this Honor Code

  1. I constantly remind myself to be humbled and blessed by everyone(even your) truly divine gifts
  2. My gift is to maximize your gift beyond your current imagination
  3. My word is my bond, and I will fulfill it even if it takes me to my last ding breath
  4. I never embellish or over over-exaggerate for any kind of gain
  5. My appointments are written in stone and I keep them even if the world is to end
  6. I never take advantage of anyone’s naivety
  7. I must do my absolute best to provide the fastest, easiest, most effective solution for myself or whoever asks me for one
  8. I have zero expectations while having complete positive anticipation of results I produce for myself or others around me
  9. My words, advice and suggestions are always based from the highest positive intention I see for whom I’m communicate with
  10. I won’t ever breach the integrity or the sanctity of a personal or professional relationship
  11. I’ll never respect anyone’s opinion or belief if it’s obviously in direct conflict with their desired dreams,visions and or goals.
  12. I’m very aware that the only thing I’m 100% absolutely sure about .. Is that I KNOW nothing. – But curious about everything
  13. I do my absolute best to “let go and let God” with every adversity I encounter.
  14. Envy, jealousy isn’t and never has been or never will be part of my vocabulary.
  15. Every goal achieved by me or others is always a great first step
  16. I’m consistently and persistently in awe of God’s gifts to us
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