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Strategy name: The Vibe Strategy

Positioning Strategist: Stephan Stavrakis

Total Duration: 52min 15sec

Category: Customer Acquisition

Released: 12/03/2011

Strategy Docs: YES

60% of business is lost in the first 30 seconds of interacting with a potential client or customer. Most small business owners mis-represent themselves and their value when it comes to explaining what they do and what they sell. The V.I.B.E. strategy gives you the wording, and structure that creates interest and anticipation in what you offer. The idea of the V.I.B.E is to create a interaction with the potential customer that allows them to see the true difference and value you bring to them… It’s simple and easy to remember.. So lets go out and V.I.B.E

Note: When someone asks you what you do and you are “Politely Ignored” with “Oh that’s nice, Good for you, etc etc.. This is the positioning strategy that makes it impossible for someone to think they know what you do ..

Here is what this strategy is designed to accomplish:

  • Create a trusting connection with a total stranger in 30seconds or less
  • Pre-qualify your prospect almost immediately
  • Easily explain how you are different
  • Position your self as an expert in the mind of the prospect
  • Quickly communicate the value of your product or service
  • Make it easy for your prospect to share what you offer with their friends
  • Have the prospect give you referrals on the spot
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Stephan StavrakisPosition: CEO of Perceptual Positioned Marketing; Perception Engineer

First and foremost, Stephan is a devoted husband and father of two and devotes his life’s work to his family. After working for a local insurance company and being part of team that reconstructed a business model that allowed that company to save 5million in annual revenues, Stephan decided it was time to go on his own.

His first company was called 3D Thinking Inc. It was a soft-skills training company that he built from scratch with no credibility, no connections, and no list. Within 9 months 3D Thinking Inc. was Vancouver’s fastest growing and most profitable privately-owned soft-skills training organization.

Due to it’s rapid growth Stephan was approached by many other trainers, speakers, authors and consultants to help them build their companies in similar fashion. As he assisted in building those companies, he was also approached by many brick & mortar companies to assist in business model re-positioning and began to assist more conventional business models such as restaurants, spa’s, salons, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers the list goes on and on.

Perceptual Positioning Creator

Currently Stephan has worked with 100’s of businesses and has logged over 15,000 hrs of one-on-one strategic positioning, moving business owners from “me,too” positions to being “The Only” business in their market, while lowering their costs and keeping a focus on increasing their sales and bottom line. As a result, Stephan has developed a system he calls “Perceptual Positioning” that is currently being used by 100’s of individuals and organizations as the blue-print for designing their business offers, ads, websites, tv ads, taglines, distinction points etc.

Stephan is a highly sought after speaker for the insights and humor he brings to the stage. He is consistently rated as thought provoking and practical by the business audiences he addresses.

Give Stephan Stavrakis 5 minutes and he will turn your business upside down while bringing into focus lucrative opportunities missed by everyone else.You’ll be banging your head and wondering: “Why didn’t I think of that?” He’s been known to take entire business models and repositioning them for more profitability within in one conversation.

As founder and CEO of his current company which he calls a (Positioning Agency). Stephan has brought together a team of individuals that all have built successful companies, and taps into their knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to create real, practical and most of all provable strategies to his customers helping increasing sales and profits using not only the perceptual positioning system, but many other proven strategies of profitable business models

Q: is this like putting together an elevator pitch
Nope… Not at all, you have to memorize an elevator pitch, you end up talking AT someone with an elevator pitch.. The V.I.B.E strategy works on the rapport first business second philosophy

Q: Are there any scripts to memorize?
Nope, from a positioning standpoint everyone has a natural sales personality when you are excited about something, V.I.B.E allows you to tap into that so what you say is easy and natural

Q: I already have a Elevator pitch...
Good! This is nothing like an elevator pitch it’s a natural sales conversation that is proven to be 70% more effective than any “Pitch” you can do

Q: I'm a natural sales person
Awesome add the V.I.B.E. to your toolbox and you’ll take your closing ration to a whole new level

Q: I don't prospect in person
The V.I.B.E can easily be adapted to a video, audio, or even text on your website

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