The Pre-sell Effect Strategy -Attract Your Ideal Customers To You, Like Bees To Honey…

Create a Bees to Honey effect with this honey of a tool…:
We all have it… Somthing so aluring so powerfully compulsive that we can’t stay away we GOTTA HAVE IT! For some it’s chocolate, others it’s alcohol, others it’s …. Well you get the idea… We all want something… Well if you’ve gone through the D.A.T.E strategy, you’ll have a good idea what YOUR customer really wants… Now imagine, not just giving it to him/her but giving them what they want 101 different ways…Would that be compelling? It sure would.

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Strategy name:
The Presell Effect Strategy

Positioning Strategist:
Stephan Stavrakis

Total Duration:
51min 35sec

Customer Acquisition


Strategy Docs:

In the Pre-sell effect we do a few things… The most important is give the customer 101 ways to get exactly what they want.. This is very irresistible and makes the customers salivate in anticipation to get 101 ways to solve their problem… Second, the pre-sell effect PROVES your expertise so you don’t have to perform a “Dog and Pony” show every time you want to sell something.. Third, the Pre-sell effect prepares the customer for what is coming next and creates a high level of anticipation towards future product/service offerings. Fourth, the pre-sell effect allows you to find the needle in the haystack when it comes to your ideal customer.. The list goes on and on… Create this amazing tool and customer attraction magic starts to happen.. In this strategy session you and Stephan create this Pre-sell effect and the tool that attracts your ideal customers like bees to honey…

Note: When you ask someone to buy something from you, you must build a relationship.. I show you step by step how I converted a $600 ad into $40K worth of business…

Here is what this strategy is designed to accomplish:

  1. The subtle yet profound differences between a Pre-sell and the Pre-sell effect
  2. How you can use the Pre-sell effect to qualify your ideal customers so you aren’t wasting time with tire kickers
  3. How the Pre-sell effect is used to create future products & services that you know will sell before your create them
  4. The Step by step method to create a tool that engages the Pre-sell effect
  5. Provide you the cut and paste template you can use to create your own 101 tool within an hour or two
  6. The way Stephan has used the Pre-sell effect effectively with his customers to build a pre-qualified name list
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The Presell Effect Strategy:
Time: 51m:35s
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Session:Presell Effect Strategy
Time: 51m:35s
09m 00sec
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Session:Presell Effect Strategy
Time: 51m:35s
09m 00sec
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Download (PDF, 77KB)

Download (PDF, 194KB)

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Stephan Stavrakis

Stephan Stavrakis
Position: CEO of Perceptual Positioned Marketing; Perception Engineer

First and foremost, Stephan is a devoted husband and father of two and devotes his life’s work to his family. After working for a local insurance company and being part of team that reconstructed a business model that allowed that company to save 5million in annual revenues, Stephan decided it was time to go on his own.

His first company was called 3D Thinking Inc. It was a soft-skills training company that he built from scratch with no credibility, no connections, and no list. Within 9 months 3D Thinking Inc. was Vancouver’s fastest growing and most profitable privately-owned soft-skills training organization.

Due to it’s rapid growth Stephan was approached by many other trainers, speakers, authors and consultants to help them build their companies in similar fashion. As he assisted in building those companies, he was also approached by many brick & mortar companies to assist in business model re-positioning and began to assist more conventional business models such as restaurants, spa’s, salons, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers the list goes on and on.

[tab:FAQ] Q: Will this work if I'm selling a product?
Yes it doesn’t matter what you are selling, because it’s an positioning method and tool that uses “desired information” to qualify and attract your ideal customer
Q: How long should it take me to make the 101 tool?
If you use the method Stephan talks about, the longest it should take you is a couple of hours.. anymore than that and you are over-thinking it.
Q: What If I can't come up with the RIGHT 101 information?
Well the positioning strategy only takes time, just make another one.. BTW the only way you know it’s good or not is if you offer it to your target market, they’ll either salivate for it, or say “that’s nice” Hint: if they say “That’s nice” go back to the drawing board.
Q: What should I call my 101 tool?
I explain in detail in the strategy, however if you look at the “Say it don’t spray it” session documentation you can use parts from those templates to make a hot title for your 101 tool.
Q: Do I really have to make a tool like this?
Well, No you don’t have to do anything except for breathe… However if you want to start becoming the obvious choice for your target market, this is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way I’ve found.. Period
[tab:Contact Stephan] I respond personally to all VIP members first.. Everyone else as time permits 🙂

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