Why Subscribe To The Live Whiteboard Positioning Strategy Sessions?

If you have or are in a business that wants, needs, or is responsible for bringing in new business. The strategies discussed have been proven to work for: Service businesses like: Real-estate offices, Insurance/Mortgage Brokers offices , Coaches, Consultants, Accountants, Law-Firms, Financial Planners,Chiropractors, Health practitioners, as well as Small Businesses Like: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Spas, Salons. Every single one of these strategies are designed customized for businesses that want to position themselves as the obvious choice and market/brand/advertise in the most cost effective and quickest way.

    If any of the statements below describe you or your business then the membership is for you.

  • You are frustrated with economic conditions that increase and decrease you businesses revenue like a yo-yo.- You want to attract clients get them to buy more regardless on how the economy is
  • You are making money but it doesn’t seem to stay in the bank account- You want to find out where it’s going and stop the bleeding
  • You are sick and tired of wasting on advertising and marketing that simply doesn’t work- No matter how optimistic about it, your ROI says different
  • You want qualified and motivated prospects that are hungry for what you are selling instead trying to “push rope uphill” with outdated marketing tactics like cold calling, and price dropping
  • You are tired of being “kindly” dismissed when you are explaining to someone what you do for a living
  • You are tired of being rejected by good prospects that your product/service can truly help
  • You have had enough of the “cheapest price” competition and are ready for you customers/clients to realize, recognize and appreciate, and buy what you offer at the price that it’s worth
  • You want your marketing/advertising to be “Cash and ROI Generating” so you stop trying to guess if something is working or not
  • You want to systemize and stabilize your “Customer/Client getting process” so you can measure the results with mathematical accuracy /li>
  • You are sick and tired of trying to find the “latest & greatest” tactic – technique that is “working today” to get more business
  • You are ready to charge “premium prices” for your product/services- and have your customers happily pay them
  • You Know deep down your doing an amazing Job, you feel what you offer is the very best, but you admit that you are lacking the expertise of advertising and marketing profitably
  • You are feeling that ever increasing pressure of the competition closing in around you, and your are racking your brain trying to figure out what to do about it
Bottom line: If you know that what you do or what you sell is the absolute very best and you, your company or business should be making alot more money…. FromMyWhiteBoard.com are proven, practical strategies that increase the number of high-quality, high-paying clients you get, increase the profit from your current customers and clients, and finally will systematically put your business on “autopilot” when it comes to profitability unlike anything you’ve seen, heard or experienced before.

14 Day Trial Of Weekly Live Positioning Strategy Sessions for $1

Try the live strategy sessions out for 14 Days for A Buck. In 14 Days you get access to 2 Live positioning strategy sessions with Stephan Stavrakis. Each session will be 45 with a 15 minute Q/A.

Random “Hot Seats” Positioning Tuneups! (Limited Offer)

Every month Stephan will pick a business and do a hotseat. In the hotseat Stephan will automatically build a customized strategy for that business live infront of the entire membership. This a real-time strategy session from soup to nuts…

Practical Positioning Marketing And Branding Tools

How would you like a checklist that gives you X outcome, How about a Mind-map that outlines step by step how to do X, Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have X done for your you… These are just some

Weekly Live Positioning And Marketing Strategy Sessions

1 Live business strategy session per week in the comfort of your own home.. There are 100’s of positioning strategies that we will pull from the topics are available from the topics section of this website. Perceptual Positioning live Topics will change based on your feedback, the goal of the program is to provide the worlds

All Live Sessions Recorded For All Devices

We know you can’t be at every strategy session, so we’ve got you covered. Every Perceptual Positioning Live session will be recorded in many formats. If you miss a session it won’t matter, all sessions will be

“The Only” Exclusive Book

Stephan has written a book made exclusively available only to members of FromMyWhiteBoard and select Marketing execs of fortune 500 companies. The book is not available in stores or online. The book is

Topic Suggestion Box

We’d be silly to think we know exactly what business questions you have. This site is also equipped with a Topic suggestion box. The way will select business and positioning topics for the live strategy sessions


Checklists for For The Whiteboard Strategy

If required to get you up and running immediately; Stephan will provide checklists neccessary to help you implement the strategy effectively… Unlike random fluffy information out there

How can you get reliable answers to your complex marketing problems? This website is just that, getting answers to your questions live in realtime. These questions may involve something to do with branding,advertising,marketing,positioning, how to get new, and better customers, cheeper and faster…

Normally if you get stuck, you’ve got to work things out yourself. You get more frustrated and often spend hours going around in circles searching on the web. Well not anymore. Here you’ll find resources and ideas that will help you move ahead, and progress rapidly. Its like having a live coach for your business at a cost of a dinner out.