“If we haven’t made it work profitably, then we have no business sharing it with others…”

No man is an Island… And so is true about the perceptual positioning team. Perceptual Positioning is a team effort. Everyone below plays a key role in some aspect of the projects we have the honor of working on. All the team members have their own 6 – 7 figure businesses as well as  talents and strengths that combined together make for powerhouse of expertise, knowledge and support..    

In order to be on this team everyone must have created businesses from scratch and made them profitable..   The team works on the Moto… If we haven’t done it, then we have no business sharing it with others…  The goal in building this team was to have a wide range of expertise, from brick & mortar to online experience.

Why? Simple we want to have access from multiple perspectives, several different angles to  support our projects in the most flexible way possible. We all believe the only right way to build  a Perceptual Position is to have multiple – eyes from different positions and experiences viewing it thereby giving the project the value and respect it deserves…

Stephan StavrakPerceptual Positioning Engineeris
Position: CEO of 3D Thinking & Training & Perception Engineer

First and foremost, Stephan is a devoted husband and father of two and devotes his life’s work to his family. After working for a local insurance company and being part of team that reconstructed a business model that allowed that company to save 5million in annual revenues, Stephan decided it was time to go on his own.

His first company was called 3D Thinking Inc. It was a soft-skills training company that he built from scratch with no credibility, no connections, and no list. Within 9 months 3D Thinking Inc. was Vancouver’s fastest growing and most profitable privately-owned soft-skills training organization.   

Due to it’s rapid growth Stephan was approached by many other trainers, speakers, authors and consultants to help them build their companies in similar fashion.  As he assisted in building those companies, he was also approached by many brick & mortar companies to assist in business model re-positioning and began to assist more conventional business models such as restaurants, spa’s, salons, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers the list goes on and on.

Currently Stephan has worked with 100’s of businesses and has logged over 15,000 hrs of one-on-one strategic positioning,  moving business owners from “me,too” positions to being “The Only” business in their market, while lowering their costs and keeping a focus on increasing their sales and bottom line.
As a result, Stephan has developed a system he calls “Perceptual Positioning” that is currently being used by 100’s of individuals and organizations as the blue-print for designing their business offers, ads, websites, tv ads, taglines, distinction points etc.

Stephan is a highly sought after speaker for the insights and humor he brings to the stage.  He is consistently rated as thought provoking and practical by the business audiences he addresses.

Give Stephan Stavrakis 5 minutes and he will turn your business upside down while bringing into focus lucrative opportunities missed by everyone else.You’ll be banging your head and wondering: “Why didn’t I think of that?” He’s been known to take entire business models and repositioning them for more profitability within in one conversation.

As founder and CEO of his current company  which he calls a (Positioning Agency). Stephan has brought together a team of individuals that all have built successful companies, and taps into their knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to create real, practical and most of all provable strategies to his customers helping increasing sales and profits using not only the perceptual positioning system, but many other proven strategies of profitable business models.

Jason Bax
Position: Demotainment Specialist – Advisory Board Member

Jason Bax, B. Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management, MBA in IT (almost) is a Canadian entrepreneur, entertainer and host of the Business Unusual Network (the B.U.N.) the World’s Most Unusual Business Ideas That Worked. Bax unique passion and skill for uncovering weird markets mixed with his flare for the stage led to 400+ hours of entertaining audiences. 

During his travels he met some of the world’s most unusual and innovative businesses.“Unusual can be a surprising business advantage primarily because you have less competition. Plus, the media always loves a unique story.”He has consulted over 100 internet start-ups and manages a network of over 30+ niche websites that generate 100,000′s visitors a month.

He believes  traditional advertising is dying a horrible death and if you or your company don’t ditch your pitch you’ll soon be in for a rude awakening. But how do you sell today’s new consumer?Jason shares the secret to ‘compelling’ today’s advertising blind consumer to engage with your brand and presents examples of new media strategies and tactics companies are successfully using to cut their ad budgets, stop selling and become compelling.

Jason Bax brings amazing and fun perspectives to the Perceptual Positioning team, as a professional speaker that has sold over 4million dollars on stages across the world. As a member of the perceptual positioning team, Jason creates presentation angles that allows you to entertain while creating sales. He calls this “Demotainment”.

Demotainment is the new way of selling online and offline. It allows you to demonstrate your product/service in an entertaining way, ultimately ditching the regular pitching style and positioning your message so your market LOVES to consume it.

Randy Charach
Position: Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship  – Advisory Board Member

Randy Charach is a former professional Magician, Mentalist and Speaker. He has performed on over 5,000 stages.  With his keen marketing ability he was able to get himself on most of the national and US tv shows, such as the Tonight Show, Sally jessee rapheal, and has done several private appearances for celebreties like John Travolta, Sean pen, Hootie and blowfish and many others.

Since his retirement from magic Randy has built and  several companies including a talent agency, film production company, several successful Internet based businesses.

Randy brings vast entrepreneurial skill-set to the perceptual positioning team as trusted advisor for successful implementation of all Perceptual Positioning projects and clients. One of the companies he has that Perceptual Positioning uses is a digital marketing firm that handles all forms of online and mobile marketing.

Scott Paton
Copywriting & Mobile Media Marketing – Advisory Board Member & Copywriter


What pushes your customers’ Hot Buttons? Makes them want  to get their hands on your book, product or service as fast as they can? Most business owners have absolutely no idea.

And any ideas they do have are usually wrong, or only half formed.
Success in any endeavour is partly Art, partly Science. Applied in the correct proportions, you create Magic backed with the power of Scientific Innovation.

Scott Paton and his copywriters have studied the art and science of writing for decades, pulled apart top ads from the 1920’s to today. They have worked with the top copywriters on the past 10 years.

And now? Are considered some of today’s best, most successful copywriters.
And they do it by making the perceptual positioning projects professional ,non-salesy unlike most overbearing and hype filled sales copy  …

Now let’s get to some specifics 

A British Optometrist in Bristol sold 3 pairs of spectacles via his website in 2 years of trying. After a month of reworking his site and add some copy magic, he sold over 50,000 British Pounds his first month (that’s about $81,000!). Within a year he had opened up two new warehouses and averaged 70,000 British Pounds a month.

A software programmer approached us to write a sales letter for his newest program. His previous (self-written) copy sold $5000 its first week. He was a little shocked and awed when our sales letter brought in $136,396 in 3 days.
Here’s what he wrote me recently:

“I have just read the draft of the latest copy you sent me. I thought long and hard before I wrote this email – I would really prefer to lock you down, have you write copy for no-one but me, and never have your name uttered, except behind locked doors.
“With every piece of copy that you do for me, I think “WOW, that’s superb – Scott’s best work yet”
“AND, then the next one turns up –  and it’s even better still!! In my honest opinion, you are one of the best copywriters around today, and I feel very privileged to have you working with me on my projects.

We live in a world that doesn’t stand still. Yesterday’s success is today’s failure. Constant improvement is the norm now and we live by it.It used to be: the job was writing 50 page sales letters. Today that might be the job… Or it could be writing a video sales script. Or Facebook Ads. Or an email marketing campaign. Or a sizzling Press Release.
It is no longer: One Size Fits All.

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