Video #2 – Categorical Positioning Explained

Categorical Positioning:

Oh to be able to work more and charge less, if this isn’t the battle cry of your business it should be! Because of commodization and competition in business, more and more businesses are running into big problems when they try to differentiate themselves.

The Categorical perceptual position is when you create a sub-category in the target market that is so unique and innovative, it’s impossible for your market to compare you with someone else. This allows you to own the market not only as the leader, but also as the be the obvious choice for your market.

This perceptual position is your niche and Stephan describes in the video how a successful company creates a niche that no-one has ever thought of…

The goal of this video is to talk about how to become the first by creating a categorical position so you can imprint your business in the TOP OF MIND of the consumer.




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