Become “The Only” in your category

Claim you position

There can be only one way to become the leader in your field. You must claim leadership of your category!
The same deal applies in business, as anywhere else in life. When we are referring to perceptual positioning, it’s to say that you must position your business so that it’s thought of first when your particular sub-group wants to buy.You’ll find that it’s easier than it sounds.

If you are a computer company, you could be the only computer company that builds computers specifically for desktop publishers. If you add some specialized applications that appeal to desktop-publishers, then it makes sense that desktop-publishers will only buy from you!
If you own a restaurant and you make a mean steak, you can claim the category of the only steak restaurant that has 70 different kinds of steaks. You become a heaven for steak lovers. They would come from far and wide just to see and sample your steak collection. Why? Because no one else is providing such a value to steak lovers. If no one else in the market is claiming ownership of a particular sub-group, it’s free game. Open for the taking.

The only competition there is in business is who can claim what first!

So once you claim your perceptual position, you’ll find that your customer acquisition and retention costs are headed in a very delightful direction: down!
All you have to do is create your entire perceptual position from A to Z. And here you will learn how to do exactly that!

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