Say what you need to say… and NOTHING more!


Simple, emotional, and relatable messages.

Nike – Just do it!
Dove – Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Capital One – What’s in your wallet?
Cialis – Will you be ready?
Nyquil – Sleep like you did before you had children…

Obviously, these messages create an emotional response when you read them. For  Nike, you get the feeling of overcoming procrastination. With Dove, as a real woman you’d agree that the feeling is mutual. Capital One makes you wonder if what’s in your wallet is good enough. Cialis is asking the question that most men with ED problems often ask themselves. Nyquil is targeting parents who are emotionally spent.
Of course, taglines aren’t the only method of getting the message across. Every one of your customer attraction messages. We call them (CAMS) The channels are plentiful; here are a few ideas of where to begin:

  • 30 Second Pitch T.V. Ads Phone scripts Sales presentations
  • Direct Mail Pieces Website Jingles Slogans
  • Twitter Facebook Blogs Podcasts
  • Newsletters Outdoor ads Magazine ads Articles
  • Newspaper ads Flyers Billboards Business cards
  • Circulars Press releases

Keep it Simple!

Can you summarize what you are offer, who you are offering it to, and its strongest benefit—in 3-5 words?
That would be fantastic.  Why? It’s the hardest thing to do, for any business!

Tell me in 3-5 words what you business can do for me!

This is the litmus test. In creating a CAM this will tell you if you have correctly identified a category for which you can become The Only.

In order to attract the market with your messages, you must make the messages simple!  Time and time again, I see businesses creating messages that are over-generalized; that is, they use similar messages to their competitors! Cliché…
Not only is this method perpetuating customer confusion, it creates a perceptual position that forces your business to have to constantly convince the market to buy from you. Make sure all your business messages are designed so that your chosen category feels as if you are talking in a language that they can understand.
Give them the feeling of, This company really gets me. in 3-5 words…

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