Charge More, Work Less

Charge more!—Work less!
Is this the battle-cry of your business?

Most businesses today are toppling left and right because they are too busy focusing on the wrong things. They look at competition in order to make their business decisions, and miss out on golden opportunities to create a customer-oriented company.

By focusing on competition, money, and the bottom-line, they are killing every chance at customer satisfaction and personal profit.

Instead of charging more and working less, these companies are charging less and working more. They are succumbing to the death blow of business, because they can’t answer the questions that customers ask:

  • Why do business with you?
  • What makes you unique?”

Basically… How are you different?

You must have a very concrete answers to these question!

That is what the customer wants to know. That is the one thing that will allow the customer to choose this business over that business, this product over that product, this service over that service. The consumer says, I need to know not only how you are different, I also need to know how this difference is valuable to me as a consumer?
If you can put yourself in your customer’s shoes and answer these questions inevitably, you will have become the most valuable provider of all.

If you’ve having trouble articulating your difference, then more likely than not you’re trying to talk to too big of a market. You’re addressing too many types of people, a nebulous cloud of minds that all think differently. No wonder you can’t find commonality.
When you select a type, you are automatically creating a category that has similar “wants, needs, and desires.” and it makes it easy for you to communicate to them in a way they understand.

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