Video #1 – Perceptual Positioning Explained


Perceptual Positioning:

By focusing on quality, the value to the consumer increases, thereby allowing the
price for the product/service to increase. This drives higher profit margins.

This allows the owner to make more money with less effort. Based on this focus, businesses that make themselves unique become “The Only” business that offers what they offer.

History shows us if a business becomes “The Only” that business creates an unprecedented opportunity to increase profits by focusing on nothing but value and quality for their market. By being “The Only”, businesses can increase profit margins, lower costs, increase quality and ultimately increase the level of trust and respect by the customer.

This, in turn, creates a “LOYAL” customer for the life of that business. Although there are many methods to position your business to be “The First” in a market. We believe that it’s no longer good enough to be the first. The new solution is to become “The Only”

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